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Deadly Ex Next Door 2022

Deadly Ex Next Door

4.80 HD 2022 85 min
Author Elise and her artist husband Allan live in a house by the lake. Their elderly neighbor Chester loves to fish and thinks his neighbors are hippies. They want him to sell so they can start an artist retreat. Chester refuses to sell but is electrocuted by a live wire by the dock and killed. Sylvia and Murray help her revitalize the dock and put in a shock alarm to notify when the water is electrocuted. Sylvia seems a bit obsessive and idolizes Elise after reading her books. Six weeks later, Elise has neighbors, a new couple. Lee and Geena, move in next door. They are surprised to see that Elise lives next door. Lee is Elise's former fiancee, and Geena was her best friend.
6.5 of 10